Celebration of success

In today’s interconnected world, time is of a premium and “HOPE” is the only way of positive thinking, believing in positive outcomes. If hope were a franchise, a lot of people would claim to own a piece of it…. Everybody needs hope!

It is our best possession; it is a part of us and makes our life meaningful. It is our best friend; everything we do is based on hope!! Persons who are characteristically higher in hope should manifest higher ongoing “state hope” because they place themselves in situations in which they experience successful goal-related outcomes.

The power of an institution can be more than its people. Back in the days during 1987 when the Jaffna Hindu College Old Boys Association was created, it was with full of hope. Now in 2015, after some 28 long years when you look back on the Association’s achievements you would be somewhat astonished to see how far it’s travelled.

The Sports body of JHC OBA UK was instrumental for the detail planning process that facilitated the connections between the OBA members to see where the association is heading.

Although it is predictable, because of such supremacy of our college that our boys will excel not only in the academic arena but in the other capabilities as well; it is rather surprising to see how a sports body of an old boys association can achieve so much as a diaspora community in the UK outside of their own motherland.

Nearly over two decades, the sports wing of the JHC OBA have been dominating the scene and achieving excellent sporting success; this was possible simply because of the unity and shared understanding amongst the players, organisers and of course with the tremendous  support and guidance provided by the OBA year on year.

When we were about to write this article to the “Kalaiyarasi” Magazine, we had an “all-embracing” brain storming session about our journey. We were looking for the facts and finds; the men whom were behind the achievements; the masters who’ve guided us and provided us with enduring support.

There is a say “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us”.  Though we will not be able to thank and mention every person here in this article but it is appropriate to mention some of our accomplishments, realisations and our success story.

JHC OBA Sports committee was always in the background since 1987 but it took giant steps during 1991 and suitably formulated its sports committee under the OBA. On July the 5th 1992, with the remarkable effects from the “then” sports committee members Mr Rajathevan & Mr Pradhaban, we staged our first ever cricket competition amongst the college houses which was organised and conducted to the highest standards.

In the same year, with the blessings of the OBA UK, we then created “Jolly Stars Sports Club – UK”, as a sports entity to conduct matters outside of our constitution but reporting to the OBA in dotted lines.

During this initial period of development, Mr Nanthabalan and Mr Yasothabalan have lent us their financial support whilst Mr Sevel helped us with our sporting gears etc.

When we were marching on with our journey, we were faced with numerous challenges and let-downs. On this occasion, it is appropriate to thank, Mr & Mrs Sriraviraj who took real care and attention and looked after us with shelter and food before and after of any major tournaments or pre-meetings and get-togethers.

We also must acknowledge Mr Saba Suganthan, Mr Uthayan and Mr Jeyapalan whom have gone out of the way to supply critical support to the front-line team members and to the organisers and encouraged us to advance with our goals.

Our Association is surrounded by some amazing people. Most of them never get recognized as thought leaders or experts. But that doesn’t make their work less valuable. Over the years, we’ve received precious advice, support from various people we admire. We must thank Mr Pirabaharan (Sulthan), Mr Balamurugan and Mr Gobiraj who have helped the JHC OBA sports committee to spread its wings.

We were progressing through various sporting activities but football and cricket took centre stages.  With the captaincy of Mr Duke, JHC OBA progressed to the quarter finals during 1994 JSSA event (now it is called TSSA) which was one of the notable achievement whereas our cricket in no time under various captains peaked and outshined the challengers in various competitions.

Here is the list of detailing the Cricketing triumphs from the period 1992 to 2014

Captain – P.Pirabananthan (Aby)
TSSA (UK) – Champions
St.Patricks College OBA Trophy – Champions
SLMCC Challenge Cup – Champions
Kreeda League – Champions
Ealapoomy Trophy – Champions
FOC – Semi Finalists

Captain – P. Pirabananthan (Aby)
TSSA ( UK ) – Champions

Captain – T. Pirabaharan  (Sulthan)
TSSA (UK) – Champions
BTA – Champions

Captain – T. Pirabaharan (Sulthan)
TSSA (UK) – Champions
BTA – Champions

Captain  – P. Piratheeban (Broody)
BTA – Runner Up

Captain – P.Piratheeban (Broody)
TSSA (UK) – Champions

Captain – V. Theebaraj (Raju)
TSSA (UK) – Champions

Captain  – V. Theebaraj (Raju)
BTA – Champions

Captain – N. Gobiraj (Gopi)
TSSA (UK) – Champions

Captain –  K. Sivathasan ( Neru)
TSSA (UK) – Champions

Captain – Kanna
TSSA (UK) – Champions

As our on field success continue to catch everyone’s eye, there was a major turning point in the history of our sporting stories and it was the creation of the “Twenty-Twenty” and “Jolly Vibe”

Our members, Mr Gobiraj (Gopi) the “masterful creator” along with Mr Pradhaban (Loga) one of the “best organisers” came together in 2014 and founded the “Twenty Twenty” and “Jolly Vibe” under the “Jolly Stars Sports Club-UK “ banner. It is considered to be the greatest pieces of creations that exhilarated our JHC Old Boys in the UK and abroad. These events are now treasured by the OBA as our annual calendar events.

Here in this article, it is absolutely essential to testimony some of our individual performances which produced head line stories in the media and created a sensation amongst our community.

Mr. Prirabaharan (Sulthan) and Mr Pirabananthan (Aby) represented the Winchmorehill CC and played in the Middlesex Cricket League in 1993. This entry was a great honour to our boys and was avowed as a major advancement as it was the very first time Tamilians played in such a great league.

It became a habit for our boys to the break records during the early nineties.  Our Gopi (Gobiraj)  first broke the well-known Central College Cricketer Thomas’s record during the 1993 TSSA Cricket Summer Festival, scoring 69 runs in 6 overs including 4 sixes and 2 boundaries in one over against Union College. Then comes the Sulthan (Pirabaharan) broke Gopi’s record scoring 75 runs during in 1995 TSSA competition, including 5 Sixes and 1 boundary against Kokuvil Hindu College

There are so many other lasting memories from our “Over 40” and the “junior” Cricketers. Many trophies and individual performances were recorded over the years. Our Over 40 Cricket Team lifted the TSSA trophy successively from 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999. They won it again in 2012 & 2013. Our under 16 teams also performed to their potentials and won the TSSA trophy in 2003 & 2004. The newly formed under 14 lads were the championship in 2013

Most recently in August 2014, our old boy Mr Gobiraj (Gopi) was presented with a National Award, at the home cricket, Lords for his grassroots cricket development efforts. This honour has to go on the records as the “greatest achievements of all time” by a Srilankan Tamil. He was recognised for the behind the scene voluntary work and innovating new ways of promoting cricket in the UK.

Napoleon once declared that “a leader is a dealer in hope,” which is a smart truth for most of us. At this juncture of celebrating the 125 years of JHC, we are all proud to be associated with our OBA and to our “alma mater”. We cherish these successes with pride, but also due modesty. You have to have a grand vision for what you can achieve. But it’s just as important to parcel the journey out into the smaller steps you’ll take along the way.

Nonetheless, we are confident that progression we have made is a significant contribution towards strengthening our future success. “Let’s stay united”

God Bless All

Jaffna Hindu College OBA – UK
Sports Committee