Our  school motto

“கற்கக் கசடறக் கற்றவை கற்றபின் நிற்க அதற்குத் தக”
“So learn that you may full and faultless learning gain, Then in obedience meet to lessons learnt remain”

Our Annual Events

Cultural Programme – Kalaiyarasi 
Dinner and Dance – JollyVibe
Cricket Tournament – Twenty20 

Our Award – Inthuvin Mainthan

This award is dedicated to a JHC-OBA (UK) member in recognition of his contribution, tireless effects, who has promoted our OBA values and to discharged to duties in accordance with our constitution.

Year 2020

Year 2016
Mr S Umasuthan
Mr N Gopiraj

Year 2019
MR A Thiruketheswaran
Mr S Nimalan

Year 2015
Dr M Vetpillai
Late V Theebaraj

Year 2018
Mr S Nanthakumar

Year 2014
Mr R Uthayananthan
Mr J Uthayakumar

Year 2017
Mr S Selvarajasingam
Mr E Vaasavan, Mr S Jegan

Year 2013
Mr S Jeyapragash
Mr S Gagendran

Year 2012
Mr S Subenthiran
Mr T Pirabaharan

Year 2011
Mr P Navendren
Mr K Premshankar

Year 2009
Mr  S Suganthan
Mr K Rajathevan

Year 2007
Mr V Jeyapalan

Year 2006 
Late T S Perinpanathan

Year 2005
Mr K Seveal
Mr T Ganesshwaran