1. NAME
    The Association shall be known as “The Jaffna Hindu College Old Boys Association” (United Kingdom), hereinafter referred to as “the Association” and would be known as JHC OBA (UK).
    1. To promote goodwill, unity and co-operation among the members of the Association and the College.
    2. To foster a close and cordial relationship between the members of the Association and maintain a sense of loyalty to the college and fellowship with one another.
    3. To participate and assist in projects designed for the benefit of the college.
    4. To maintain links and co-ordinate activities with other OBA’s in the UK that has similar aims and objectives and it seems fit.
    5. To organise social gatherings, sports activities, concerts, seminars, film shows and tours to achieve the aims and objectives of the Association.
    6. To maintain an up to date directory of all known past pupil and staff living in the UK.
    7. To collect funds for the association, which shall be derived from the annual subscriptions, donations and such other sources as the Management Committee determines, and in a manner not inconsistent with the objectives of the Association.
    8. To undertake and carry out any other activities as may be necessary to further best interest and welfare of the Alma mater.
    9. To undertake, carry out and support charity activities, humanitarian projects and voluntary work as may be necessary to further the interests and general welfare:
      1. Tamil Schools in Homeland.
      2. Tamil speaking people in Tamil speaking areas; provided the participation in this activity is initiated by the Management Committee and approved by two-thirds majority of the Members of the Management Committee and Patrons.
    10. To hail and highlight the achievements of any past or present pupil or staff of the college, in life or in death, and on gaining positions of high standing and respect.
    11. Food and drinks served during the course of all activities shall be purely vegetarian and alcohol free in line with the college ethos.
    1. Membership of the Association shall be open to:
      1. All past pupils of Jaffna Hindu College residing in the UK.
      2. All past members of the staff of Jaffna Hindu College residing in the UK.
    2. A person applying for membership shall undertake to subscribe towards the objectives of the association and agreed to be bound by its rules as set out in this constitution.
    3. Application shall be made in writing and shall be in such form as the Management Committee may from time to time prescribe.
    4. The secretary shall officially inform applicants of the outcome of their application for membership together with their membership number where appropriate.
    5. The secretary shall keep an up to date register of all members.
    6. The membership shall be of three classes, viz. – 1. Ordinary 2. Life 3. Honorary
      1. ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP. All past pupils of the college may be enrolled, as ordinary members of the Association upon payment of an annual subscription and on acceptance of the management committee.
      2. MEMBERSHIP FOR LIFE. Any person entitled to ordinary membership upon payment of a lump sum equivalent to ten times the annual subscription shall hold membership for life and be exempt from payment of the annual subscription thereafter.
      3. HONORARY MEMBERSHIP. Any person who rendered valuable service to the College or the Association may on the recommendation of the Committee of Management be appointed as an honorary member at an annual general meeting of the Association.
      4. Each member is entitled for one vote except the honorary member.
      5. A member of the management committee in breach of the constitution may have the membership suspended for a specific period subject to approval by the members at the annual general meeting (AGM).
      6.  A member of the Association in breach of the constitution may have the membership suspended for a period of one-month subject to any resolution being approved by the Management Committee.  If any resolution is not received and approved by the Management Committee, the suspension will continue until the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) where a resolution will be sought. Members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), shall have the powers to either re-instate or revoke the membership.
    1. Every ordinary member shall pay an annual subscription and or a lump sum, which shall be determined from time to time by the management committee and approved by the members at the annual general meeting. The subscription shall be paid on or before 31st August each year. Any member who pays a lump sum not less than ten times the annual subscription shall become a member for life of the association
    2. Only members who pay the subscription would become eligible to vote at any meetings of the Association and those not in arrears are eligible for election.
    3. Members who pay the subscription annually would only be eligible to vote at any meetings of the Association after two consecutive annual subscription payments, including for the year of the meeting.
    1. The association at its AGM out of names shall nominate up to five Patrons of Old Boys and others who have rendered outstanding and invaluable services to Jaffna Hindu College or the association.
    2. Any member who wishes to propose such a person shall forward the credentials of that person to the Secretary 14 days before the date of the AGM
    3. The management committee shall consider each proposal at its merit and present the names at the AGM with their recommendations for the adoption
    4. The patrons shall be appointed for four years or two terms from the date of adoption by the association
    1. The office-bearers of the Association shall be a President Ex-officio, a President Executive, a vice President, a Secretary, an Asst. Secretary, a Treasurer, an Asst. Treasurer and seven Committee Members, one of who shall be the outgoing President/Secretary or Treasurer.
    2. A member who has subscribed to the association for at least two years shall become eligible to be elected to the management committee. In addition, a minimum of two years or one term of working experience in the management committee and or as a Patron is required for election to the posts of President, Vice President, Secretary and the Treasurer and shall have sufficient credentials to hold such posts.
    3. The Principal of the Jaffna Hindu College shall be the President Ex-Officio.
    4. All the Office bearers, except the President Ex-officio, shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting from amongst the members of the Association.
    5. An Honorary internal Auditor shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.
    6. The newly elected body shall become functional as of 1st November each year and after a joint meeting of the incoming and outgoing committees convened as soon as possible and any event not later than four weeks from the date of AGM for the specific purpose of transferring the powers and responsibilities to the new committee. During the transition period, the newly elected office bearers may attend the committee meetings as observers.
    7. An interim committee may be elected at a special general meeting, which needs ratification at the next available AGM
    8. The term of the office bearers shall be two years from the date of election/ ratification at the AGM.
    9. The President, Secretary and Treasurer may not hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms.
    10. All the meetings of the Association and of the management committee will be presided by the President Executive or in his absence by the Vice President.
    11. The Secretary shall be responsible for:
      1. Maintaining a register of members containing full name, addresses, telephone numbers and E-mail addresses of each member.
      2. Recording, maintaining and making available up to date minutes of the general meetings of the association and meetings of the Committee of Management.
      3. Maintaining proper and adequate records of all information including the annual reports, inventories and all other information and documents in relation to the Association.
      4. Informing all members of major activities of the association by post or e-mail.
      5. Attend to all relevant correspondence of the association and as directed by the management committee.
    12. The Treasurer shall receive and keep:
      1. Full and correct accounts of all funds belonging to the Association and shall make such payments as authorised by the Committee of Management. All receipt of funds and payments shall be recorded in an expenditure/income book and printed in the name of the association for such purpose.
      2. He may pay any payments as deemed necessary not exceeding £200 subject to the approval of the Management Committee at a subsequent meeting. A petty cash book shall be in operation for this purpose.
      3. Any expenditure over £200 at any one occasion requires prior approval from the management committee.
      4. He shall assist the internal auditor with all necessary documents as when they are required for effective auditing of the accounts.
    1. The management of the Association shall be vested in a committee consisting of the aforesaid office bearers. The committee would be responsible for forming, planning strategic policies for the betterment of the association in accordance with the objectives and directive of the association. They shall promote maximum co-operation and co-ordination amongst the members of the association and committee members.
    2. Quorum of a duly convened meeting of the committee of Management shall be seven.
    3. The Secretary shall convene a meeting of the Committee of Management whenever necessary or at the request of the President Executive or on a written requisition signed by not less than seven members of the committee. He shall give at least seven days notice of such meeting to every member of the committee.
    4. Any office bearer, except the Patrons and President Ex-officio, who fails to attend three consecutive committee meetings without valid reasons shall be deemed to have vacated his post.
    5. The Committee of Management shall have the power to fill any vacancy that might occur in that body before the next Annual General Meeting.
    1. The Annual General Meeting shall be summoned by the Secretary upon the direction of the President and or the management committee in the early part of October each year.
    2. The secretary shall give notice in writing at least 21 days prior to the effective date and should be circulated to all members.
    3. Fifteen percent (15%) of total life members shall constitute a quorum at the general meeting.
    4. The current or outgoing President or, in his absence the current or the outgoing Vice-President, shall normally preside at the AGM.
    5. In the event of the President or the Vice-President being unable to preside, Chairperson Pro Tempera shall be elected.
    6. No person seeking election to the President shall preside during the election of the President.
    7. The agenda for the AGM shall include the following items:
      1. Welcome Speech by the President
      2. Adoption of the minutes of the previous annual / special general meeting.
      3. A report of the management committee and the association presented by the Secretary
      4. Adoption of annual statement of audited accounts year ending 31st August each year together with a budget forecast for the following year presented by the Treasurer
      5. Address by the President.
      6. Election of Office Bearers ( and appointment of Patrons when necessary).
      7. Election of an Internal Auditor.
      8. Resolutions.
      9. Any other Business
    8. Notice of any resolution to be tabled at the Annual General Meeting should reach the Secretary at least fourteen days before the meeting. Notices received after this date may nevertheless be accepted at the discretion of the Committee of Management. Any resolution received shall be discussed in the Committee Meeting prior to the AGM and the committee may recommend to the members either to accept it or reject it.
    The Secretary either at the request of the Committee of Management or on a requisition signed by not less than forty members (40) of total life members shall call Special General Meeting. Notice of the Special General Meeting shall be given no less than fourteen days in advance.
    1. Fifteen percent (15%) of total life members shall constitute a quorum at the Special General Meeting.
    1. The Committee of Management shall have the power to appoint sub-committees as and when necessary but their function will be confined to the specific purpose for which a sub-committee was set up. The sub-committees will be responsible to the Committee of Management.
    2. The Committee of Management shall appoint two of the members to be responsible for the Association’s sports activities. Such members shall report to the committee of management of their activities at every committee meeting.
  11. FUNDS:
    1. The funds of the Association shall be invested or lodged in the name of the Association with any bank/banks or building society/societies in the UK as determined by the Committee of Management. The account/accounts with the bank/banks and/or building Society/Societies shall be operated by the Treasurer and either the President executive or Secretary. Any two out of three signatures either from the Treasurer, the Secretary or the President are required to withdraw funds from the Bank Account.
    2. The funds collected through the life membership shall be invested in a separate high interest bank account, life membership account. The funds from this account shall not be withdrawn without the approval by a special resolution by the members at AGM.
    3. The interest earned on the Life membership account shall be transferred to the current Account for the use of administrative expenses.
    4. The funds collected to special projects under Clause 2.9 shall be deposited in the Association’s account in such a manner that the amounts are easily identifiable or kept in a separate account of the Association. The fund shall be disposed off in accordance with the objective set and whenever required.
    5. The Auditor shall on a termly basis;
      1. Carry out audits of the accounts for accuracy, legitimacy of expenses, approval in principal and for compliance to association rules.
      2. Audit of Income and Expenditure accounts. The scope of audit shall cover check on invoices, ticket sales, petty cash vouchers and authorisation.
    Partnerships may be formed with Jaffna Hindu Ladies College and Jaffna Hindu Primary Schools. These partnerships will be on a specific project/activity basis, and shall expire when a predetermined conclusion is reached (Example: a joint cultural event, for which the Association and one or more bodies representing the interests of the aforementioned institutions may work until the event is held and accounts are settled; at which stage the partnership will cease to exist.)
    A notice of proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be given at least 14 days prior to AGM or Special General Meeting. Amendments to the constitution may be made at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting provided such amendments are supported by at least two thirds of the members voted at the meeting.
    1. The Association shall adopt a resolution, to be passed by two-thirds majority of those voted at an AGM/ Special Meeting of the association provided that at least twenty one (21) days notice has been given in writing to the General Secretary
    2. In the event of dissolution, the assets shall be disposed to the college after clearing of all debts and liabilities in accordance with the provisions of the Act for dissolution prevails at that time in England.
    In circumstances where the constitution is silent in relation to any matter, the association at their AGM shall decide on that matter.