Statement of Denial

JHCOBA UK denies the recent press releases, including Uthayan news, saying JHCOBA UK organised a meeting with Sri Lanka President in the UK. The UK OBA further said that they are a non-political organisation working towards the development of their Alma Mater. Also, they mentioned in the denial press release that some Jaffna Hindu old boys are attending the meeting with Sri Lanka’s President, who is visiting UK, on a personl ground and that has nothing to do with JHCOBA UK. JHCOBA UK is saddened that they have dragged OBA name unnecessarily for their personal meeting.

Further talking to the Webteam, they mentioned that not to trust this false news or rumours and to keep contact with the OBA directly to get firsthand information. They do agree that they can’t stop individual participation; however, they are totally against those individuals using JHCOBA UK’s name for personal benefits and promoting themselves by identifying them as community representatives.