Mr Nagalingam Sivapathasundaram

Mr Nagalingam Sivapathasundaram, popularly known as Sivapatham, a famous old boy of Jaffna Hindu College has passed way after a brief illness on 11th February in Rugby, England. He was at the school from 1957 till 1965. He was an engineer worked for the Petroleum Corporation of Sri Lanka and then in Saudi Arabia before migrating to the UK in 1979
He was the school scouts Troop Leader of the 4th Jaffna Boys Scouts Troop at Jaffna Hindu College. During his tenure the school troop went on to win several National Awards. Under his leader ship, the troop won the Island merit flag four years in a row. He was a gentle soul and soft spoken person. As a Troop Leader he was always inspiring and took the school troop to greater heights in every aspects of scouting.
He was a member of the Jaffna Hindu College OBA (UK) and was a patron for number of years. We will cherish the memories of him.
He has left behind his wife Dr Logeswary and 2 daughters Dr Thanupiriya and Dr Krisnapiriya. His funeral will take place on 16th February 2014 at Heart of Enland Crematorium, Eastboro Way, Nuneaton, Warwichshire, CV11 6WZ between 9.45 – 10.30 am.
We pray the almighty to rest his soul in peace.