Goodbye Jolly Stars Twenty20… But Hello and Welcome T10

Nobody can doubt that “Jolly Stars Sports Club (UK)” changed the face of Sri Lankan tournaments held here in the UK by introducing and conducting the very famous “Jolly Starts Twenty20” cricket back in the days when T20 cricket originally kick started but cricket today is not just an obsession but has become the staple diet of many Old Boys Associations and the Cricket Leagues trying to organise various tournaments.  

The passions the game arouses and the all-pervading influence it has on the Sri Lankans is clear. Although anyone could come up with ideas but equally, none can doubt that only a few has the charisma and organising power and influential skills that needs to conduct such extraordinary events the community wants to see today and Jolly Stars Sports Club (UK) is one of them.

Anyway this year, once again we are delighted to inform the birth of “Jolly Stars T10 Cricket Festival”, which is to be held on Sunday 12th June 2016 at Gidea Park, Romford Sports Club in Romford. This would be another mile stone of our magnificent Sports Club, who is bringing innovation into Cricket all the time.

There are 6 leading Tamil Schools (OBA’s) and 2 Ladies Colleges (OGA’s) participating in this fun filled festival, which is going to be a historic event  is organised by Jolly Stars Sports Club (UK), which is the sports wing of Jaffna Hindu college Old Boys Association (UK).

Why T10?

The days of ten-overs-a-side contest making a foray into international cricket is not far away as it would make the game even more interesting.  The former international players feel that initially only Test matches were played and it was only in 1975 that 60-overs-a-side version was introduced, followed by 50-overs-each and then came the new “very exciting” format of T20. 

“Internationally these three formats will grow eternally and there could be another format coming up very soon in the form of T10 which will be more interesting

There is lot of glamour which has come in and lot of commercialisation has come into the game which is really exciting (like IPL) but while the stress was on copybook technique during the golden days, it’s all about winning now.

The new trend is result-oriented. It does not matter whether you have your batting technique, your fielding technique or your wicket-keeping technique or bowling technique. The emphasis is on result and which is a good sign… The Spectators will love it… and we want it too….!!

On Behalf of the JHC OBA UK Sports Committee & Jolly Stars Sports Club (UK)
T. Pirabaharan