Our  school motto
"So learn that you may full and faultless learning gain, Then in obedience meet to lessons learnt remain"

Our Annual Events

Cultural Programme – Kalaiyarasi 

Dinner and Dance - JollyVibe

Cricket Tournament – Twenty20 


Our Award - Inthuvin Mainthan

This award is dedicated to a JHC-OBA (UK) member in recognition of his contribution, tireless effects, who has promoted our OBA values and to discharged to duties in accordance with our constitution.

Year 2016

Mr S Umasuthan

Mr N Gopiraj

Year 2015

Dr M Vetpillai

Late V Theebaraj

Year 2014

Mr R Uthayananthan

Mr J Uthayakumar

Year 2013

Mr S Jeyapragash

Mr S Gagendran

Year 2012

Mr S Subenthiran

Mr T Pirabaharan

Year 2011

Mr P Navendren

Mr K Premshankar

Year 2009

Mr  S Suganthan

Mr K Rajathevan

Year 2007

Mr V Jeyapalan

Year 2006 

Late T S Perinpanathan

Year 2005

Mr K Seveal

Mr T Ganesshwaran